5 Tips For Superior Results With Customer Survey Web App

The truth with customer survey Web App is that people won’t automatically participate just because they are on your email marketing list and you send it to them. If you want to see superior results with your customer service survey then you have to implement a great strategy that entices people to respond. Use these 5 tips to produce better results in both quality and quantity for your customer satisfaction survey.

1. Tell people it’s easy: Nobody wants to be wrapped in a lengthy survey, and even 10 minutes can seem like an eternity when you’re busy or unmotivated. Keep your survey short, in the range of two to five minutes, and be sure to tell people how short it is upfront.

2. Now actually make it easy: Now that people are on board expecting it to be short, you can’t jump on them with some 10 page, 20 minute behemoth. Live up to expectations and make your customer satisfaction survey easy, quick and intuitive to complete.

3. Give people something: You will always see better results if you offer an incentive for participation. Give all participants of your customer service survey a special discount code or a free promotional item to encourage them to take and complete the survey.

4. Keep it on the hush: Nobody wants their information shared with other people and nobody wants to feel judged for using your customer survey Web App. Promise confidentiality upfront and ensure that you follow through on not sharing information or holding honest answers against customers.

5. Share the why: If a customer or prospect knows the reason that you’re conducting a customer satisfaction survey they’ll be far more likely to take it. Avoid generalities like “we’re trying to improve” and focus on distinct reasoning such as “we want your opinions on our new shopping cart to improve the ease of transactions for our customers”.

Once again, there’s no guarantee that anyone will take your customer service survey, nor is there any kind of requirement to do so. If you want people to participate and you want to see superior results, use these 5 tips and you’ll make the most out of your customer survey Web App.

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